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Engineering Education Job Postings

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Institution Discipline  Position Posting Date
University of Arizona Systems and Industrial Engineering (collaboration with College of Education, Major League Baseball, and Boys & Girls Clubs) Postdoctoral Research Associate 2020-10-09
University at Buffalo Department of Engineering Education Postdoctoral Associate 2020-05-27
University at Buffalo Department of Engineering Education Postdoctoral Associate 2020-01-22
Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo Mechanical Engineering – Design Full Time Lecturer 2020-05-27
University of California, Irvine UCI Education Research Initiative (education research, including STEM) Academic Administrator 2020-08-07
University of California, Los Angeles Momentum: Accelerating Equity in Computing & Technology Post-Doc 2020-08-01
Campbell University Electrical Engineering Assistant, Associate or Full Professor 2020-04
University of Colorado Boulder College of Engineering & Applied Sciences Dean 2020-01-15
University of Colorado Boulder Aerospace Engineering Sciences Instructor 2020-01-07
University of Colorado Boulder Computer Science Instructor 2020-08-12
Cornell University Engineering Education Postdoctoral Scholar 2020-03-16
Dalhousie University Chemical Engineering Instructor (part-time) 2020-05-03
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide College of Arts & Sciences Associate Dean for Faculty 2020-08-18
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide STEM Education Assistant Professor (2 positions) 2020-08-18
Florida International University Physics Education Post-doc/Project Manager 2020-02-19

Geeking Out Kids of Color (GOKiC)

Computer Science STEAM Virtual Computer Science Instructor 2020-10-05
Harvard University Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning  Assistant Director, Science Pedagogy 2020-08-20
Hebrew University Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program Postdoctoral Scholars Program annual
Indiana University Bloomington Division of Science, Mechanical Engineering Lecturer 2020-10
University of Leeds Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences Senior Teaching Fellow/Teaching Fellow in Artificial Intelligence



University of Leeds  School of Mathematics Teaching Fellow in Statistics 2020-09-25
Macquarie University School of Education

Associate Professor or Senior Lecturer (Primary Mathematics and STEM Education)

University of Michigan Engineering Education Research Open Rank Tenure/Tenure-Track Position 2020-10-22
University of Michigan 
Technical Communication   Lecturer I 2020-07-06
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago   Researcher & Project Manager 2020-10
National Science Foundation Division of Engineering Education and Centers, Directorate of Engineering, Engineering Research Centers Program Program Director 2020-06-02
National Science Foundation Division of Engineering Education and Centers, Directorate of Engineering, Engineering Research Centers Program
Program Director 2020-01-07
New Jersey Institute of Technology STEM education / higher education Post-Doctoral Fellow  2020-07
New York Institute of Technology Technology Based Learning Systems STEM Trainer and R&D Specialist 2020-09
New York University Introduction to Engineering & Design Visiting Assistant Professor 2020-07-16
University of North Dakota College of Education & Human Development, College of Engineering & Mines Postdoctoral Researcher (Engineering Education) 2020-05-28
North-West University (South Africa) School for Maths, Science and Technology Education Lecturer: Mathematics Education 2020-06-19
University of Notre Dame Construction Engineering and Management Massman-Beavers Professor of Practice in Heavy Civil Engineering
Braun Teaching Professor in Construction Engineering and Management

The Ohio State University Department of Engineering Education - KEEN Postdoctoral Research Associate 2020-03-16
Pennsylvania State University Multicultural Engineering Programs Assistant Director 2020-10-15
Pennsylvania State University College of Engineering Education Strategy and Planning Manager, Director for E-Bridge 2002-09
Pennsylvania State University-Fayette Electrical Engineering Adjunct Teaching Position 2020-02-19
Purdue University Departments of Computer Information Technology AND Mechanical Engineering Technology - Postdoctoral Researcher (contact Alejandra Magana) 2020-03-16
Rice University Office of STEM Engagement Postdoctoral Research Associate 2020-08-28
Rutgers University Computer Science Assistant Teaching Professor 2020-03
Simon Fraser University  Sustainable Energy Engineering Teaching Stream Faculty Positions 2020-07-01
University of South Florida Computer Science & Engineering Instructor I & II 2020-05-28
Tel Aviv University Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program Postdoctoral Scholars Program annual
Tufts University Engineering Education Research Assistant Professor 2020-09-01
Utah State University Department of Engineering Education Assistant Professor 2020-09-29
Vanderbilt University Diversity and STEM Education  Qualitative or Mixed Methods Consultant (contact Dr. Ebony McGee) 2020-08
University of Victoria Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Teaching Professor 2020-03
Virginia Tech Department of Engineering Education Collegiate Faculty (non-tenure track) (anticipated 2 positions) 2020-09-24
Wake Forest University Department of Engineering Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Warwick Civil and Humanitarian Engineering Senior Teaching Fellow 2020-07-14
University of Washington-Seattle Engineering Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Washington State University

Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Associate Dean for Faculty Development 2020-10-07
Women in Engineering Proactive Network (WEPAN)   Executive Director 2020-05
Yonsei University, Underwood International College Integrated Science and Engineering  Full time, non-tenure track position 2020-05-25


**Disclaimer: This is a non-comprehensive list of jobs ranging in relevance to those in the field of engineering education. To minimize duplicated and outdated content, we strongly prefer to post links to information hosted or directly maintained by the employer. We do not host job-posting documents on this web site. Jobs will be listed for no longer than 8 months after the posting date. Please contact one of the wiki maintainers to add a job. Thank you.



Curriculum and Professional Development Associate

Georgia Institute of Technology 
Teaching and Learning Center

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Post-Doctoral Researcher 

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